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Applications of Cell Surface Engineering in Platelets

Platelet-based engineering provides a new strategy for many applications such as drug delivery. Based on our advanced cell surface engineering technology, seasoned scientists in Creative Biolabs have set up a series of one-stop procedures to assist your platelet surface engineering with the highest efficiency and the best quality for various potential applications.

Whole Platelet Engineering for Drug Delivery

Platelets, an indispensable component in the blood, play a dynamic role in targeting vascular injury sites to impede thrombogenesis and maintain blood circulation integrity. The unique features and biological functions of platelets provide new opportunities in the drug delivery area and have inspired researchers to develop whole platelet drug delivery systems.

Delivery of aPDL1 by platelets. Fig.1 Delivery of aPDL1 by platelets. (Wang, 2017)

Platelet Membrane Surface Engineering for Drug Delivery

Delivery vehicles coated with platelet membranes to develop artificial cells are currently being intensely pursued to achieve various merits, such as prolonging circulation time, alleviating immunogenicity, and achieving active targeting ability. Given the vital role of the platelets in the physiological process, the platelet-mimicking vehicles could be further dynamically adapted to treat cardiovascular disease, anti-inflammation, and immunotherapy.

TRAIL-Dox-PM-NV. Fig.2 TRAIL-Dox-PM-NV. (Hu, 2015)

Platelet membrane-coated nanocarrier. Fig.3 Platelet membrane-coated nanocarrier. (Hu, 2016)

Creative Biolabs is an expert in cell surface engineering for over ten years. Our scientists are dedicated to delivering high-quality services that support reliable scientific validation. If you want more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.


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