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Cell-Nucleic Acids Conjugate Service

The manipulation of cell-cell interactions has potential applications in basic research and cell-based therapies. Studies have shown that aptamer-modified peripheral blood mononuclear cells can effectively redirect to target cells, thereby enhancing apoptosis. In contrast to traditional genetic engineering of cells, Creative Biolabs has developed a non-genetic cell-surface engineering technology which can quickly and stably couple oligonucleotides to the cell surface, thereby effectively controlling cell-cell interactions. We believe this "one-step in minutes" method will facilitate the further development of cell-based therapies.

Types of Conjugates

DNA probe
RNA probe
DNA aptamer
RNA aptamer






Imaging and Analysis




Nucleic Acids Preparation

Our one-stop Cell-Nucleic Acids Conjugate (CNAC) service provides a full range of customized services for nucleic acid design and synthesis.

Aptamer synthesis

Aptamers are short 20-80 nt DNA or RNA-based single-stranded oligonucleotides that bind to target molecules with high affinity and specificity through their 3-dimensional structure. Both small molecule ligands or proteins can serve as targets for aptamers. Creative Biolabs did synthesize aptamers and aptamer libraries, and we can use iterative enrichment technology (e.g., SELEX) to help you screen out oligonucleotides with higher affinity and specificity for your target molecule.

The following table shows the advantages of aptamers over antibodies, just for your reference:


DNA / RNA probe synthesis

DNA / RNA probes are single-stranded nucleic acid fragments, usually labeled with, for example, a radioisotope, epitope, biotin, or fluorophore to enable detection. Creative Biolabs provides multiple options to meet complex design requirements. Using our most advanced oligonucleotide manufacturing platform, we generate high-quality performance data to meet our customers' research needs.

Nucleic Acids Labling

Nucleic acids can be modified with detectable tags to obtain nucleic acid probes, which can be used to identify or recover other interacting molecules. We offer custom nucleic acid and oligonucleotide markers that can be chemically modified at specific sites within the oligonucleotide. Common labels are used to generate nucleic acid probes including: radioactive phosphate, biotin, fluorophore, and chromogenic enzyme substrates. These labels are incorporated into DNA, or RNA probes or immobilized on surfaces to facilitate diagnostic and targeted drug delivery.




"One-step In Minutes" methods for nucleic acid conjugation

By implementing a state-of-the art CellFace™ conjugate technology platform and expertise in biochemistry, Creative Biolabs gives you the best quality in nucleic acids conjugation. We utilize fucosyltransferases (Fuc T) to transfer fluorescent protein to the surface of living cells in minutes. Each nucleic acid conjuates is strictly monitored during the synthesis process and controlled according to strict quality assurance and quality control standards for biosynthesis.


This one-step approach developed by our scientist team is a fast, simple, and cost-effective technique for cell surface engineering. Using this methods, any oligonucleotide moleculas can be tightly introduced onto the cell surface without affecting host cell activity.




Creative Biolabs provides a full set of CNAC characterization services including:

CNAC Characterization

  • Nucleic acid-to-cell ratio assessment
  • CNAC-based cell targeting and killing analysis
  • CNAC-based cell binding assay
  • Cell-aptamer conjugate imaging (probe-based)
  • CNAC-based live cell localization (probe-based)
  • CNAC-based live cell tracking (probe-based)
  • CNAC-based cell viability analysis
  • Other QC analysis available upon request
DNA-Protein Conjugate Service Lipid-DNA Conjugate Service

Why choose Creative Biolabs for your CDC development?



CDCs exhibit selective cytotoxicity by precisely targeting only a small subset of cells



We provide a one stop shop to meet all your CDC development needs



Our CDCs are IP-free. You have full ownership of the products which can be translated into the clinic.

All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.


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