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Platelets Surface Engineering Service

Benefiting from our proprietary cell surface engineering technology, Creative Biolabs is committed to providing the best-quality platelet surface engineering services for our global customers. We will help you achieve your project goals quickly and cost-effectively through efficient management and proactive communication.

Cell-based therapeutics are very promising modalities to address many unmet medical needs. With the evolving research and emerging innovative technologies, various cell types such as platelets have been engineering as novel therapeutics for multiple diseases and conditions. To enhance the function of these cells or cell-based therapeutics, non-genetic engineering strategies have emerged as powerful and compatible tools.

Platelets Surface Engineering Service

Platelets are tiny blood cells and critical players in hemostasis and thrombosis to target vascular injury sites to impede thrombogenesis and maintain blood circulation integrity. Cell-based systems have recently emerged as biological drug carriers; examples include erythrocytes, bacterial ghosts, and genetically engineered stem cells. Among them, the engineered platelet and platelet membrane are often used to coat nanoparticles containing the drugs to achieve enhanced treatment efficacy.

Creative Biolabs has years of experience in cell surface conjugation, providing high-quality cell surface engineering services for our global customers. We could use various technologies, such as cell-covalent conjugation and cell-noncovalent physical bioconjugation, to meet each rigorous requirement and offer high-quality platelet-based conjugate to our customers. Multiple types of platelet-based conjugates could be provided at Creative Biolabs, including but not limited to:

Applications of Platelets Surface Engineering

TRAIL-Dox-PM-NV. Fig.1 TRAIL-Dox-PM-NV. (Hu, 2015)

PM-NP. Fig.2 PM-NP. (Hu, 2016)

Platelet conjugated with anti-PDL1 antibodies. Fig.3 Platelet conjugated with anti-PDL1 antibodies. (Wang, 2017)

With Creative Biolabs, you will gain an experienced partner who is knowledgeable in developing cell surface conjugates. Based on your project needs, we can choose from a wide variety of available conjugation strategies to develop the most suitable platelet surface engineering for you. Please contact us for more detailed information to know how we can help.


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All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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