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Bacteria Surface Engineering Service

Cell surface engineering of bacteria is an important approach to enhance the bacterial targeting efficiency in the delivery of protein drugs in tumor tissues. With a forward-looking insight and intuition, Creative Biolabs has been equipped with advanced instruments, fit-for-purpose laboratories, and professional scientists to provide flexible solutions for bacteria surface engineering. We can provide various conjugates for your choice, either stand-alone service or integrated project is both welcome to meet every specific demand.

Introduction of Bacteria Surface Engineering

The bacterial envelope provides morphological structure and unique functional properties. Some bacteria strains have the ability to evade the host's immune system and enter target cells (such as tumor cells), which enable them to be a promising drug delivery carrier. However, targeting efficiency varies depending on different target cell types. Thus, it was necessary to enhance the bacterial targeting efficiency through bacterial surface engineering. With advances in genomics and recombinant DNA techniques, it has become possible to express a diverse array of heterologous proteins, glycans and other non-biologic small molecules on the bacterial cell surface. This surface engineering technology harnesses the unique properties of non-biologic materials on a live bacterial platform and opens the door to an exciting new set of applications.

Different surface modification strategies for the inhibition of the bacterial adhesion and/or decrease of the bacterial viability.Fig.1 Different surface modification strategies for the inhibition of the bacterial adhesion and/or decrease of the bacterial viability. (Ghilini, 2019)

Bacteria Surface Modification Services

Surface engineering of bacteria is a promising technique that offers modification and new properties to a wide range of microbes for a wide range of applications in industry, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and environmental sectors. Driven to endow new characteristics and functions to bacteria, Creative Biolabs has developed various surface engineering strategies and multiple conjugates to confer new applications to bacteria.

Surface engineering on bacteria has attracted much attention due to its potential applications in the field of biotechnology, biomedicine and industry. Based on our advanced platform and expertise, Creative Biolabs provides fast, efficient, inexpensive, and useful solutions for installing a broad scope of ligands and biomolecules to bacteria surfaces. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Ghilini, F.; et al. How Functionalized Surfaces Can Inhibit Bacterial Adhesion and Viability. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. 2019, 5(10): 4920-4936.

All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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