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Erythrocytes Surface Engineering Service

Cell-based therapeutics are very promising modalities to address many unmet medical needs, including drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and bioimaging. Nowadays, cell surface engineering strategies such as non-genetic engineering have been developed to modify the surface of cells to enhance the function and improve the efficacy of cell-based therapeutics. Creative Biolabs has hugely experienced specialists who can provide expert advice on cell surface engineering and an enormous breadth of advanced conjugation technologies to meet your project demands.

Erythrocytes Surface Engineering Service

Erythrocytes, also called red blood cells (RBC), are the most abundant blood cells in the body. Due to the absence of a nucleus and some subcellular organelles, erythrocytes exhibit inherent biocompatibility, a high surface-to-volume ratio, excellent membrane flexibility, and long-circulating life in blood when used for drug delivery and other therapeutic applications. These unique merits make erythrocytes potentially as delivery carriers for many bioactive substances, such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-neurodegenerative, and anti-cancer drugs.

As a complementary approach for producing erythrocyte drug carriers, scientists at Creative Biolabs provide cell surface engineering for efficient drug loading or better efficacy without changing the morphological and functional properties of erythrocytes. Due to our extensive experience and advanced platforms, various cell surface engineering using large surface functional groups on erythrocytes (amino acids, thiol groups, sugars, and lipids) can be achieved on the erythrocyte surface to meet our customers' specific requirements. Through these tailored approaches, we maximize efficiency and bring cost-efficiencies and time-saving benefits. Various types of erythrocyte-based conjugates could be provided at Creative Biolabs, including but not limited to:

Applications of Erythrocytes Surface Engineering

RBC-based aAPC system. Fig.1 RBC-based aAPC system. (Sun, 2017)

RBC membrane-based UCNPs. Fig.2 RBC membrane-based UCNPs. (Rao, 2017)

Insulin-coupled RBC membrane. Fig.3 Insulin-coupled RBC membrane. (Wang, 2017)

With our extensive experience and advanced conjugation platform, Creative Biolabs is confident in offering the best erythrocyte surface engineering services for our global customers. We guarantee the most satisfactory results helping to accelerate your project development process. Please contact our team of experts to find out more about our cell surface engineering services.


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All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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