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Cell-Adjuvant-loaded Nanoparticles (NP) Conjugate Service

The main limitation of cell-based therapies is the viability and function of transplanted cells. After cell transfer, therapeutic cells often rely on adjuvants, such as the simultaneous delivery of drugs. These adjuvants are designed to maximize the donor cell efficacy, phenotype and / or durability in vivo.

Here at Creative Biolabs, we developed a method via the conjugation of adjuvant–loaded nanoparticles to the surfaces of therapeutic cells to enhance cell therapy. This approach is a simple and generalizable strategy to augment cytoreagents while minimizing the systemic side effects of adjuvants.


Types of Conjugates

Peptide-loaded NP
Antibody-loaded NP
Drug-loaded NP
Vaccine-loaded NP
Nucleic Acids-loaded NP
Fluorescent-loaded NP

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Your One Stop Source for Cell-Adjuvant-loaded NP (CALNP) Conjugates

To provide best-in-class CALNP development services, Creative Biolabs brings together the most renowned cell engineering experts and long-term experience in cell surfce modification. Don't miss the opportunity to enter the clinic by working with service providers who provide the strongest cell therapy tools on the market!




Cell line and NP design

Cell Lines

Creative Biolabs provides a variety of the industry-grade cells lines to meet your cell-related research needs. Usinf strict quality control testing, all of our cell lines are free of contaminiaton (e.g., mycoplasma), and undesired foreign factors such as fungi, viruses. In addition, our comprehensive cell portfolio is also ideal for use in clinical translation. Instrumentation platforms from cell separation, flow cytometry, to closed-system cell culture make automated processing at your fingertips. Contact us to discover how our solutions can advance your cell-related research.

Available cell lines


Immmune Cells


Stem Cells


Disease State Cells

T cells Embryonic & Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells (BMMCs)
B cells Hematopoietic Stem Cells Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Fibroblasts
NK cells Mesenchymal Stem Cells Lung Bronchial Epithelial Cells Hepatocytes
Dendritic cells Neural Stem Cells Hepatocytes
Monocytes Cancer Stem Cells Breast Cancer Cells
Neutrophils ... Hematopoietic Malignancies Cells
... Renal Cells

NP design and synthesis

Nanoparticles have many applications in biology and medicine and are used as biosensors, cell probes, and drug delivery vehicles. In order to achieve these specific applications of nanoparticles, it is necessary to have the ability to design the shape, size, and modify of the surface of NPs.

Creative Biolabs has extensive expertise in the design and synthesis of adjuvant-loaded NP. We provide high-quality customized NP design services and peptide synthesis services for research, diagnostic, pre-clinical and commercial applications.

Customization Capabilities:

Composition A variety of metals, oxides, semiconductors and polymer nanomaterials are avalible. We also provide assistance with existing protocols for process optimization, scale-up and cGMP-compliant manufacturing.
Size We can produce a variety of particle sizes and other sizes can be customized as required. We can also produce polymers up to 1 µm in size, oxide particles and core / shell structures.
Surface Our standard nanoparticles have a variety of available anionic and cationic end-capping ligands. In addition, we can manufacture nanomaterials with specific functional groups, polymers, and biomolecules.
Concentration We have developed techniques for processing and stabilizing high-concentration particles. UV-visible spectroscopy and ICP mass spectrometry are used to accurately measure material concentration and extinction coefficient.



"One-Step in Minutes"

Based on our CellFace™ conjugate technology platform, we utilize fucosyltransferases (Fuc T) to transfer NP to the surface of living cells in minutes. This one-step approach developed by scientist team is a fast, simple, and cost-effective technique for cell surface engineering. Using this method, any adjuvant-loaded NPs can be introduced to the cell surface without genetic modification of the host cells.




Cell-NP conjugates characterization

Creative Biolabs provides a full set of cell-NP conjugate characterization services including:

CALNP Conjugate Characterization

  • NP-to-cell ratio (NCR): HIC chromatography
  • Cytotoxicity study
  • Cell apoptosis detection
  • Transmigration assay
  • Binding analysis: ELISA, and flow cytometry
  • Ex vivo analysis
  • In vivo biodistribution study
  • In vitro evaluation (binding, internalization, potency, etc.)
  • In vivo oncology and toxicology evaluation
  • Stability: differential scanning calorimetry
  • Other QC analysis available upon request

Adjuvant loaded-NPcharacterization

  • Potencyy
  • Solubilityg
  • NP stucture: Fourier transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis
  • Optical density (OD): visible spectral analysis
  • Size and shape characterization: Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • Purity, chemical stability and other analytical properties uopon request





Visible spectroscopy

Applications of CFC

Cellular probes
Biomedical imaging
Molecular diagnosis
Targeted drug delivery
Active therapeutics


All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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