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Sensing Biological Environments

Cell-surface sensors are powerful tools for elucidating cell functions and their interaction with the cellular environment and for developing new therapeutics and diagnostics. Cell surface conjugation has become an important loop of sensing biological environments research. As a global-leading CRO company focusing on cell surface engineering services over years, Creative Biolabs is capable of offering high-quality cell surface engineering services to global clients.


Monitoring cell functions and cell-to-cell communication in the cellular environment has enormous implications for cell biology and regenerative medicine. In the area of cell therapy, there is also significant interest in better understanding and tracking the fate of transplanted cells. Cell surface sensors where biosensing elements are equipped on or into the cell membrane are valuable tools to probe what cells sense and how they respond in real-time to surrounding signals. Chemistry-based cell engineering approaches have been developed to study cell-immobilized signaling moieties both in vitro and in vivo in living animals. For example, recent research has reported the labeling of fluorophores on glycans using click chemistry in zebrafish, which permitted them to visualize glycan expression in vivo. It is conceivable that in addition to labeling exogenous transplanted cells, the site-specific labeling of endogenous cells with sensing molecules may become a valuable tool with which to monitor physiological and pathological changes in vivo.

Probing the cellular niche environment and signaling using cells engineered with an aptamer sensor. Fig.1 Probing the cellular niche environment and signaling using cells engineered with an aptamer sensor. (Zhao, 2011)

Methods and Applications

Methods and Applications

Services at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has been committed to cell surface engineering research for years and becomes a professional cell surface conjugation services provider. We have established a comprehensive platform offering various high-quality cell conjugation services including but not limited to:

With years of experience committed to cell surface engineering, Creative Biolabs will be your best partner. If you have any demands upon cell surface engineering services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


  1. Zhao, W.; et al. Cell-surface sensors for real-time probing of cellular environments. Nat Nanotechnol. 2011, 6(8): 524-31.

All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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