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Extracellular Vesicles Surface Engineering Service

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) represent an important mode of intercellular communication by serving as vehicles enabling cell-to-cell transport, communication, and drug delivery. To improve tissue-specific targeting and enhance functionality in drug delivery, a variety of engineering approaches have been developed to decorate the EV surface with agents able of specific target recognition. Benefiting from our cell surface engineering technology, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing the best-quality EV surface engineering services for our global customers. We can provide a wide variety of available conjugation strategies and conjugates to develop the most suitable EV surface engineering solution for you.

Brief Introduction of EVs Surface Engineering

EVs are lipid-bound vesicles secreted by cells into the extracellular space. They can be divided into three main subtypes, microvesicles (MVs), exosomes, and apoptotic bodies, depending on their biogenesis, release pathways, size, content, and function. Because of the ability to deliver nanoparticles, reporter systems, targeting peptides, pharmaceutics and functional RNA molecules to targeting cells, EVs have emerged as a key cell-free strategy for the treatment of a range of pathologies, including cancer, myocardial infarction and inflammatory diseases. To promote the EV stability, tissue targeting, and functional delivery of cargo to recipient cells, EVs can be chemically or biologically modified to broaden, alter or enhance their therapeutic capability.

Engineering extracellular vesicles as nanotherapeutics for regenerative medicine.Fig.1 Engineering extracellular vesicles as nanotherapeutics for regenerative medicine. (Ramasubramanian, 2020)

EVs Surface Engineering Services

With years of experience in cell surface conjugation, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering high-quality EV engineering services to modulate their function and interactions. We could use various technologies, such as covalent and non-covalent conjugation, to meet each rigorous requirement from our global customers. In addition, multiple types of conjugates could be provided at Creative Biolabs.

Extracellular Vesicles Surface Engineering Service

Case Study of EVs Surface Engineering

Based on your project needs, Creative Biolabs chooses the most appropriate conjugate and tailors the best-fit conjugation strategy to help you get milestone advances. Please contact us for more detailed information to know how we can help.


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All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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