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Lipid-DNA Conjugate Service

Lipid-DNA conjugates are robust molecular-engineering materials for various applications ranging from biosensors to biomedicine. Based on our CellFace™ conjugate technology platform, Creative Biolabs now offers a one-stop lipid-DNA conjugate service to meet all our global customers' specific requirements.

Better understanding and modulation of the compositions and functions of cell membranes is critical for regulating cell signaling and interactions. Among various strategies developed for cell membrane study and regulation, lipid-DNA conjugates are powerful tools with great potentials.

Lipid-DNA Conjugates

Lipid-DNA conjugates are amphiphilic macromolecules combining the cell membrane insertion capability of lipids with the properties of DNAs in precise hybridization and programmability. Interestingly, by chemically conjugating hydrophobic lipid molecules and DNAs together, several attractive features for cellular applications have been exhibited, including (1) spontaneous, rapid, and efficient membrane insertion after simple incubation; (2) universality toward different cell types; and (3) versatile functionality thanks to the simple DNA conjugation strategies. Taking advantage of lipid-DNA conjugates, differently functional moieties can be efficiently engineered onto live cell membranes without affecting natural cellular behavior.

Application of lipid-DNA conjugates. Fig.1 Application of lipid-DNA conjugates. (Bagheri, 2019)

Our One-stop Lipid-DNA Conjugate Service

Strategy of lipid-DNA conjugates. Fig.2 Strategy of lipid-DNA conjugates. (Li, 2020)

Synthetic lipid-DNA conjugates have shown great potential in studying membrane physiology and in regulating cell functions. Based on our CellFace™ conjugate technology platform, Creative Biolabs offers lipid-DNA conjugates service to enable this living cell membrane modification for many applications. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more information.


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All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.


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