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Cell Surface-based Chemical Conjugation Service

Non-genetic cell surface engineering, such as cell surface-based chemical conjugation, has been a powerful tool to endow cells with enhanced therapeutic efficacy. Based on our advanced CellFace™ conjugation platforms, a specialized scientist team in Creative Biolabs provides tailored cell surface-based chemical conjugation services for our global customers.

Cell-based therapeutics are very promising modalities to address many unmet medical needs. To enhance the function and improve the efficacy of cell-based therapeutics, Creative Biolabs has developed various cell surface engineering strategies to modify the surface of cells to improve the function and the effectiveness of cell-based therapeutics. Based on our advanced CellFace™ conjugation platform, Creative Biolabs offers cell surface-based chemical conjugation for a broad range of cells from different origins. Our technologies provide control over the fate and function of the modified cells without interfering with cell survival, proliferation, and cellular activities.

Cell surface-based conjugation. Fig.1 Cell surface-based conjugation. (Liu, 2019)

Our Cell Surface-based Chemical Conjugation Service

Cell Surface-based Chemical Conjugation Service

Equipped with advanced platforms and powerful technologies, we are confident in offering the best quality services for our customers worldwide. Based on the deep understanding of cell-based conjugation, our scientists now provide a variety of chemical conjugation methods to add various functional groups (such as manipulate lipids, proteins, or glycans) on the cell surface; these strategies include:

  1. As the amine groups of membrane proteins are abundant on the cell surface, they can be used as active sites for chemical conjugation. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to serving you with high-quality services to modify primary amines on cell membranes involving n-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester.
  2. Thiols, present either in oxidized disulfide bridges or in reduced thiol groups, are another essential chemical compound used for cell surface functionalization. The covalent reactions for cell surface-exposed active thiol groups (-SH) involve maleimide-activated molecules, which specifically react with thiol groups to form non-cleavable thioether linkages. Creative Biolabs has gained significant knowledge in this method, and our scientists are confident to deliver you cell surface conjugates that can meet your specific requirements.
  3. Using similar chemistry, biotin can be covalently conjugated on the cell membrane that is subsequently functionalized to conjugate the desired ligand or receptor through a streptavidin bridge. Such functionalization allows for the immobilization of different functional molecules.

With long-term expertise in cell surface conjugate development, Creative Biolabs is your ideal partner to offer the best-fit cell surface-based chemical conjugation services. According to every client's requirements, Creative Biolabs provides customized cell surface engineering services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.


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