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Cell Surface-based Hydrophobic Insertion Service

The surface of cells can be functionalized with targeting groups by using synthetic lipids or alkyl chains. The interaction is driven by the hydrophobic effect, where these groups intercalate between phospholipids in the cell membrane, thereby anchoring the attached group. This is the most common strategy for polymers, carbohydrates, and proteins alike. After years of inputting a lot of resources into cell surface engineering research, Creative Biolabs has grown into a reliable cell membrane conjugation services provider. Our advanced technology platform and rich experience are the assurance for the quality of our cell surface-based hydrophobic insertion services.

Introduction of Cell Surface-based Hydrophobic Insertion

Hydrophobic interactions are frequently exploited for cell surface engineering, as therapeutic molecules containing lipid tails and cholesterol anchors can easily insert into the cell membrane. Hydrophobic insertion is also considered less harmful to cells compared to covalent modification as the potential for cross-linking and irreversible loss of protein function is prevented. The type of lipid chain is an important consideration, with long and saturated lipid chains increasing the likelihood of establishing a relatively stable molecule attachment on cell membranes. While hydrophobic regions can be genetically or non-genetically incorporated into target substrates, covalent attachment of lipids is the most common strategy for polymers, carbohydrates, and proteins alike.

Methods and Applications

Stem cell modification <em>via</em> hydrophobic insertion of modified HPG. Fig.1 Stem cell modification via hydrophobic insertion of modified HPG. (Abbina, 2018)

Services at Creative Biolabs

Committed to cell membrane engineering research over years, Creative Biolabs has established advanced technology platform and we are confident in offering high-quality relevant services to global clients. With the comprehensive platform and an excellent specialist team, we have accomplished hundreds of customer-satisfied projects.

With rich experience and mature technologies, Creative Biolabs aspires to bring our high-quality cell surface engineering services to every customer. If you are interested in cell surface-based hydrophobic insertion services or you have any other questions about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


  1. Abbina, S.; et al. Surface engineering for cell-based therapies: Techniques for manipulating mammalian cell surfaces. ACS Biomater Sci Eng. 2018, 4(11): 3658-3677.

All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.

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