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Cell Surface-based Polymer Conjugation Service

Cell surface modification technology, an emerging research area, will be applied to the treatment of patients in the areas of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, stem cell research, and embryology. Focusing on cell membrane engineering services over years, Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience. With professional experience and strong foundations, we are confident in providing reliable cell surface-based polymer conjugation service.

Introduction of Cell Surface-based Polymer Conjugation

Cell surface modification can be used to study cell-cell interactions and to control stem cell lineages in regenerative medicine. Surface modification of living cells with natural and synthetic polymers allows for new opportunities in biomedical engineering and science. A variety of functional groups and bioactive substances have been introduced onto the cell surface. The three methods generally employed in cell surface modification are covalent conjugation, hydrophobic interaction, and electrostatic interaction.

Cell surface modification with synthetic polymers. Fig.1 Cell surface modification with synthetic polymers. (Teramura, 2010)


Cell Surface-based Polymer Conjugation Service

Services at Creative Biolabs

With years of practice in the research of cell membrane engineering services, Creative Biolabs is professional in this field. We have developed a comprehensive technology platform with strong foundations and excellent scientific staff. With advantages in various aspects, we are confident in providing high-quality cell surface-based polymer conjugation services.

With rich experience and strong foundations, Creative Biolabs aspires to bring every client satisfying cell membrane engineering services with top-rated customer experience. If you are interested in cell surface-based polymer conjugation services or other cell surface conjugation services, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


  1. Teramura, Y.; Iwata, H. Cell surface modification with polymers for biomedical studies. Soft Matter. 2010, 6(6): 1081-1091.

All services are only provided for research purposes and Not for clinical use.


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